Course Evaluations for Leveraging Advances in Parametric Design & Digital Fabrication in Architecture

Excellent course, the description of each learning object was clearly and thoroughly presented.
Jessalyn D.
June 29, 2024
The key to future quality design is communication and collaboration in a collaborative environment which will provide a better product to the owner without the adversarial design bid build environment
Rich A.
May 27, 2024
Thorough summary of design advances in parametric design & digital fabrication in architecture
Yvona B.
May 24, 2024
This was a timely and up today presentation that explained parametric design and fabrication in a very efficient way.
William H.
May 3, 2024
Well organized and interesting.
Richard C.
April 24, 2024
This is the first online course I have taken without the use of pen and paper. Thought it was great!
James B.
April 11, 2024
Good course
Howard L.
April 7, 2024

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