The Business of Architecture

This program encompasses course offerings that may benefit the professional in a variety of ways. Courses may involve the financial aspects of the practice, marketing, innovations, case studies and management issues. Additionally, courses will be included that inform the practitioner about tools available to make the learner a better architect, and organizations and standards that can provide similar professional growth. Users can search the catalog using CSI division numbers, keywords, manufacturer names, or product descriptions.

CapacitaciĆ³n Para la PrevenciĆ³n de Acoso Sexual y Casos de Estudio

Este es el curso de prevención del acoso sexual autorizado, que incluye estudios de casos, requerido en el estado de Nueva York y la ciudad de Nueva York para profesionales con licencia. También puede cumplir con los requisitos profesionales de su jurisdicción. Un cuestionario al final cumple con los requisitos de un elemento de interactividad.

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

This course is part of our Business of Architecture Program

Your state may mandate sexual harassment training. This is the authorized sexual harassment prevention course, including case studies, required in NY State and NY City for licensed professionals. It may also meet professional requirements in your jurisdiction as there is some indication on the Internet that it is being accepted outside of New York. A quiz at the conclusion fulfills the requirements for an element of interactivity.

This course has also been registered by AIA and successful completion delivers 1 HSW credit.

The 60-Minute MBA for Design Professionals

In this session, we will learn the fundamentals of all successful AE firms and provide the basis for making well-grounded business decisions. We will learn how firms can transition from being professionals providing services, to highly tuned businesses that can identify the needs of the marketplace and create services and products that are appropriately priced and yield consistent and greater profits.

Rather than seeking out new projects that merely build upon your current skills, you will start from a business-thinking mindset, where processes that are critical to building a thriving firm are examined and constituted in your firm. We will explore the importance of data within an architect firm and demonstrate how careful collection and interpretation can lead your firm into more exciting and profitable territory.

Following are the course's Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify why a “business-thinking” mindset is of utmost importance for service professionals
  2. Explain best practices for implementing a metrics-oriented leadership system
  3. Summarize how data-based performance management drives smarter business decisions
  4. Analyze how profitability drives growth rather than being merely a result
  5. Reframe your firm as a platform that enables you to achieve your business and personal goals
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