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Echo Eliminator Overview by Acoustical Surfaces

Echo Eliminator is a high-performance acoustical material made from recycled cotton. These cotton fabric panels are ideal for noise control applications. Echo Eliminator can be used as an acoustic wall panel or hanging baffle. Common applications of these cotton fabric panels are school gyms, classrooms, lunch rooms and any application where a high-performance noise control product is needed. Echo Eliminator cotton fabric panels are eligible for LEED™ credits, Class A fire rated and 100% recyclable.

SkeleCore FTS by DuctSox It’s the Next Generation of Fabric Textile Duct!

Looking for a solution for fabric duct droop? It's SkeleCore! SkeleCore FTS stands alone as the only fabric duct system that provides cylindrical tensioning to keep the fabric round and taut at all times. It's the Next Generation of Textile Duct! DuctSox has found the solution to fabric duct droop! While in the deflated mode, SkeleCore maximizes the open shape and does not deflate. SkeleCore FTS is a Fabric Tensioning System with an internal framework that keeps the fabric tight and round at all times—even when there is no air pressure in the duct. SkeleCore FTS uses the innovative Cylindrical Tensioning Ring that when adjusted expands the internal framework by up to 5 inches, making the fabric taut and round. SkeleCore FTS utilizes a vertical hanging suspension system. Direct Hang Cable drops penetrate the duct and connect to the internal rings of the framework. The weight of the system is transferred directly to the ceiling, eliminating stress on fabric seams and attachments points. If you want a textile duct system that eliminates disruptive system noise or motion at startup and unattractive fabric sag and droop, SkeleCore is the only choice!

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