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Fabrication Capabilities

Rigidized® Metals Corporation offers a full assortment of fabricating equipment, including shears, press brakes, panel lamination lines, turret presses and welding stations. These enable us to engage in a vast array of products and projects. Our skilled craftsmen, with decades of experience and a sense of unmatched quality, execute everything from prototypes to complete projects, offering our customers services from concept to completion.


With the increasing popularity of perforated metal, the demand to add visual interest and strength has led many to request deep texturing. Deep-textured perforated metal meets the demands of acoustics, while enhancing the visual interest that only metal can deliver. The enhanced look with the texture creates a softer glow and specular reflections. When panel systems are desired, attachment systems can be added without compromising acoustic performance or visual appeal for both ceilings and walls.

Countertops & Backsplashes

Obtain the classic dining interior look with Rigidized® Metals' quilted embossed finishes. The elegant, reflective designs provide a unique visual appeal, while providing the durable functionality of textured stainless steel. Patterns and textures enhance the beauty of stainless steel, creating a unique visual interest and a beautiful glow and stands up to cleaning and everyday traffic.

Elevator Interiors

Chances are you’ve been in a metal elevator cab that was scratched and beaten. Abused elevators speak volumes about building maintenance and pride in real-estate ownership. That’s why cab and door manufacturers and elevator consultants recommend Rigidized® Metals for hard working cabs. The durability of Rigidized® Metals products offers significant maintenance cost savings and reduces cab operating interruptions.

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