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Echelon Masonry - The Mesa Community College Performing Arts Center

Nothing embodies music more than the Performing Arts Center (PAC) with its symbolic representation of Gershwin’s “Rhapsody in Blue” incorporated into the exterior design of the building. With 462 seats and two performance spaces built for exceptional acoustics and visibility, the PAC enchants audiences with more than just a show — it charms with a superior musical experience. Hear the vision behind the PAC from the architect, contractor and VP of Academic Affairs and see how Echelon Masonry helped its creators complete the captivating and unique project.

Echelon Masonry - Unsurpassed Water Resistance for Concrete Masonry Units Only From Amerimix and the RainBloc System

Amerimix WRM with RainBloc GP is part of the total RainBloc ® system. When used with concrete masonry units that contain RainBloc, it creates a wall system that has been proven in both the lab and on jobsites to inhibit water penetration, creating a superior moisture barrier. GP is the only patented, mortar admixture that is traceable, detectable and measureable in hardened mortar. When used in conjunction with concrete masonry units manufactured with RainBloc, the National Concrete Masonry Association Rated this wall assembly "E" for excellent using ASTM E 514.

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