Wood Without Guilt: Steel Cladding That Perfectly Mimics Real Wood.

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Credits: 1 LU, 1 HSW

AIA Approved
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Sponsored By: VicWest

This course will describe the aesthetic and biophilic benefits, as well as the objective sustainability standards achieved by innovative metal wall materials that mimic wood. The course will describe how the materials provide both physical and emotional comfort to occupants, protection from harsh weather, and the community benefits of sustainable construction. A variety of applications are also detailed in case studies of actual projects.

Learning Objective 1:
The student will understand how and why the use of materials that mimic but outperform natural materials is highly desirable.

Learning Objective 2:
The student will be able to explain the technologies applied to materials and methods of construction that mimic wood in order to improve sustainability and resist environmental attack.

Learning Objective 3:
The student will recognize the favorability of these materials and methods of construction through a recitation of their achievements in testing and evaluation, how they meet construction standards, and what contributions they make to LEED v4.

Learning Objective 4:
The student will become familiar with a variety of existing projects that demonstrate successful adoption of these products and methods.

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