How Wallcoverings with PVF Film Contribute  to Healthier and More Attractive Buildings

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Credits: 1 HSW, 1 LU

AIA Approved
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Sponsored By: DuPont

This course covers the aesthetic, design, health, safety and welfare aspects of, and certifications achieved by wallcoverings laminated with DuPont™ Tedlar® polyvinyl fluoride film. Because Dupont™ is the only source for Tedlar® film there is no comparable competitive product in the market place. Therefore, we will be referring to the product from time to time by using its registered trademark brand name, Tedlar®.

Owing to the unique nature of this product, an architectural specification describing the PVF film known as Tedlar®. You will need to download this document to begin the course. At least one of the concluding quiz questions is based on this supplemental material.

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