Course Evaluations for Designing Beautiful High-performance Building Envelopes

The course was very well done. The case studies were effectively used to demonstrate the specific points being made. The vocabulary used was very much in line with the current technologies used in Building Envelope Design.
Michael M.
August 30, 2022
Good matertial to study for AIA CE
Lun A.
July 10, 2022
Some of the questions have errors! All of them are multiple choice where you select only one answer, which should be 'radio buttons', but they are instead all 'checkboxes' where you can select multiple answers to any question. If you pick a choice, and then pick a different one, the previous choice doesn't automatically uncheck. If you forget to do that yourself, you could get the question wrong. For question 5, technically both A and C were correct, c was just more correct. I'd change the wording of the question to 'select the most correct answer' or something. For question 7, I got it wrong, but according to the course PDF, my answer was correct - it's quite clear in the course. Your website also did not show me what the 'correct' answer was for question 7, so something might be off there. I passed, so I'm fine, but others might fail for reasons relate to your website and test, and not for reasons related to the actual content of the course.
Daniel K.
October 20, 2021

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