Course Evaluations for Design Firm Management Series: Staying in Front of Your Customers With Strategic Planning

I really hate this outdated approach to business strategy based on winning and military tactics. It is incredibly hyper-masculine and not well adapted to the complexities of today's world, where strategic collaborations and creative niches (I realize he alludes to this) are ways to distinguish yourself. There are many other ways to talk about winning business and business strategy. Try citing some women, for starters!
Jodi D.
February 3, 2023
This course did not match either the title or the objectives stated in the brief. The content was vague, contradictory and even the speaker himself states that he does not know what he is saying. There is nothing from this course that I can take and utilize in our business or that specifically relates to our industry. This was the same "business jargon" nonsense that unqualified coaches use to confuse people who are trying to run a business that will make a difference in the world. There was no tangible material that will help anyone integrate a actual strategy into their company. In fact, the primary focus of "strategic planning" was not even defined, discussed, or described in a way that would even relate to how a business could prescribe this process into their core. Further, it did not even talk about how the "strategic planning" would direct an architectural firm in staying in front of their customers or gain access to new customers. The speaker talked as if a business will do better by having different strategies for different situations; i.e., social media, without understanding how to differentiate themselves or how to demonstrate value to the market. Just saying "you need a strategy" is not an educational or applicable statement. I have never taken a course in my professional career that was as useless as this.
Mike G.
January 5, 2023
I liked where this was heading but I think he could have spent a bit more time on how to develop strategy not just why you need it.
Michael T.
October 8, 2021
interesting approach, i need to do more research
Stephen D.
August 17, 2021

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